TONI&GUY Education & Training for staff

Education is fundamental to the success of TONI&GUY. The culture of the company is built upon a philosophy of succession – created by investing in and educating the individuals within it.

Education is offered on an ongoing basis to ensure that hairdressers are up to date with the very latest in trends and cutting edge techniques. All staff benefit from our extensive six week staff training programme as well as ongoing educational support throughout their career. An extensive franchise owner program is also available.

The education system allows our stylists and technicians a unique opportunity to advance their skills in hairdressing, communications and in management and leadership. This allows them access to job opportunities across the world within the TONI&GUY community.

TONI&GUY education has set high standards for the company and resulted in their excellent reputation. Ongoing training, supported by cutting, styling books and video collections, inspires staff and at the same time pushes their work forwards.

One of the major attractions for new staff is that the educational system offers constant re-assessment and a programme that level by level increase skills and knowledge as they are developed.

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