Chhaly Hun

Chhaly Hun Toni & Guy


A star is born; Chhaly is driven, charming, fun and talented, this young man wants to do whatever it takes to have all his clients believe that he is a star.

This comes from a place of integrity, he wants you to have beautiful, healthy looking hair that you are both proud of.

Recently transferring from TONI&GUY Cambodia Chhaly already on his career path choose to further pursue his career within the TONI&GUY brand in a new environment.

Chhaly felt that it was crucial to be in a team that supported and nurtured him to that next level – we are grateful that Chhaly chose us.

Specialising in colour work and with a real emphasis around healthy hair, he also loves doing keratin treatments to smooth out the hair, making blowdrying easier for his clients.

Book in with him and mention this bio to receive $25 towards your next service with Chhaly.