June 30, 2021 1 min read

To make your Shampoo go significantly further follow these 3 simple steps that will save you dollars and ensure you have perfectly cleansed hair. 

  1. Lather up the shampoo in your hands PRE applying to your hair.
  2. Work the shampoo from the back of your head upwards and around to front of your head.
  3. Rinse and repeat this process.

Expect more lather up from second shampoo and know that the second shampoo is where you benefit from all the nourishing properties of your shampoo. The first shampoo breaks down dirt and oils.

Lathering up the shampoo in your hands requires you to use less product and shampooing twice means cleaner hair which enables you to go longer between hair wash days. 

The result? Your shampoo last longer! Give it a go! 

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